How To Effectively Use Your Breathlace

So you've just gotten your Breathlace, and you might be thinking, "How the hell do I even use this??" Well, using the Breathlace is incredibly simple. Breathlace was designed to help you better utilise breathing practices, and today we will go over some simple but incredibly powerful practices you can use with your Breathlace wherever you are whenever you want.

Breathing Method 1:

The first breathing method we will use is called cyclic sighing. Cyclic sighing is already an incredibly powerful breathing practice on its own; however, incorporating Breathlace into it can literally put it on steroids. To perform his practice, you are going to do a double inhale. Do this by inhaling through your nose as much as possible till your lungs feel completely full, and then do a short, second inhale straight after, even if you think your lungs are already full. Then exhale slowly through the breath. You'll feel a difference almost instantly, and you can repeat this as much as you need until your anxiety or urges dissipate. You can follow this video for a guided tutorial.

Breathing Method 2:

The second breathing practice we are going to cover is the box breathing method. The box breathing method is excellent for improving lung capacity and also for destressing rapidly. The way box breathing is done is by simply breathing in a box pattern; imagine a box and a line travelling across it. Let's say it takes 3 seconds to get across each side of the box. This means you breathe in for 3 seconds, then exhale for 3 seconds. It's a very simple but very powerful technique. We recommend doing this for a longer period of time, and you can follow this guided tutorial here.


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